HOCO Fitness: Week One Stats

We’re one week into our Fitness journey!  It was pretty obvious from the beginning that both of us were taking very different approaches to our goals!

We setup a “Workweek Challenge” where we could push each other to get more steps.  Chris beat the living shit out of Lou.

Louis’ Weekly Stats:

Average Steps: 12,139

Weekly Weight Loss: 2.4 lbs

Total Weight Loss: 2.4 lbs

Things of Note:  I don’t believe the weight loss and I think this week we’ll see that go out.  It’s been a stressful couple of days and I haven’t eaten much the past couple of days.  That’s not healthy and my body will adjust.  I’d estimate my actual weight loss around 1 lb.   I also sucked at drinking water, and my weekend eating is still ridiculous when I do eat – I could put a Popeyes buffet out of business.

Goals for the Week:  Show some sort of weight loss next Monday.  More “exercise’ instead of just making sure I hit my goal.  More water, so much more water.  Be more competitive in the Workweek Hustle.

Fitbit Automatically logs something as an exercise, here are Louis’
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Chris’ Weekly Stats

Average Steps: 12,571


Weekly Weight Loss: 2.5 Lbs

Total Weight Loss: 2.5 Lbs

Things of Note:

I only included my steps as a track for how I did this week. That was the most important part of my weight loss. This week I did what i set out to do. Exercise regularly and eat better. I did both. I ate limited fast food (two days, couldn’t avoid one of them). I went to the gym 3 times during the week for about 45 mins to an hour each time. I mostly focused on running on the treadmill. I tried out an elliptical, but good god those things are weird I also focused on some upper body work outs. 2.5 lbs in a week is more than I had expected to lose this first week, but i’ll take it. If I can get more serious in getting my diet together I’ll probably see even better results this week! I’ll be in Tampa this Friday-Sunday for the Orioles away trip, so I should get a good work out by exploring all weekend, countered by the food that I’m going to have to eat out. All in all, a good week. My goal this week is to hopefully lose 1 pound, if i can hit 2 that would be even better! Have a good week my dudes.

We’re looking forward to producing some more results and getting healthier and more fit!  Thanks for reading along!  We’re in the very middle of a launch, delivery, logistical nightmare that is delivering a successful Kickstarter, and that is on top of our regular full time jobs.  We’re going to prove that no matter how busy you are, and how hard everything feels sometimes…  Small changes can produce big results if you just decide you want them!  Thanks for everything! (Also Facebook message us if you have a Fitbit and would like to be in our Workweek Hustle/Weekend Warrior Challenges!  We’ll get you added as friends and will push ourselves along with you)