According to a Panel of 6 Children, The Best Fast Food Chicken Nugget Is…

A tie between McDonalds and Checkers, and now you don’t need to open the website to find out (start sharing information, stop sharing clickbait!)  That being said, feel free to read on about our adventure!

Being a parent is tough sometimes, especially when you have multiple children.  Not because of the messes, or the money that seemingly bleeds out of your pockets like a slit wrist.  It’s the activities.  It’s feeling like you do enough for, or with, the little ones that you love.  Working a full time job and coming home with enough time to eat dinner and spend an hour before everyone is getting ready for bed makes it so your time to bond is limited.

Sometimes we’d binge watch my favorite childhood movies, like Star Wars – but then you stop sharing Star Wars together because one of them suggests that Kylo Ren is their favorite, and reminds you of all of the “cool” things he did to ruin your childhood hero.  But that’s how kids work.  You think you know the answer, but you don’t.  You go your whole life understanding that Obi Wan is awesome, Jar Jar Binks is the devil, R2D2 is the true hero of the entire franchise, and Han Solo is the man you’re destined to become.  Then one day you have children, and in all of their beautiful glory they manage to make you want to throw them off of a cliff Spartan style for telling you how funny Jar Jar is and how they want to be Kylo Ren for Christmas.

Kids have their own opinions and we can’t do anything to change them – we only stand a chance if we support them and encourage them, and learn how they formed them.

Have you ever asked your children, or someone else’s children why they like something, not just what they like in a general sense?  It’s actually one of the best ways I’ve started bonding with my kids, from learning more about what motivates them.

If you ask your significant other what they want for dinner, you’re likely going to hear “I don’t know, what do you want?.”  99 times out of 100 if I give my children a chance to choose what they eat for dinner, they will most certainly pick chicken nuggets.  The one out of a hundred is something off the wall that they’re never going to get, and then they default to chicken nuggets anyways.  So it doesn’t really matter, right?  Chicken nuggets are the answer, always.  Easy.  It doesn’t even matter.

So what does a dad do to bond with his children, when they have such terrible taste in movie characters, but a fondness for chicken nuggets on the regular?

We figure out who has the best chicken nuggets of all of the fast food chains, that’s what we do.

Step One. Go to drive thru for as many fast food chains as you can find.  For us this involved Chick-Fil-A, Burger King, KFC, Popeyes, McDonalds, Checkers and Wendy’s.  By the time I got to the fifth place, I looked like an insane person with the bags piling up in my lap.

Step Two. Tell your children they’re going to eat every kind of chicken nugget available for dinner.

Step Three.  Lay all of the bags out for a photo, so you can post it to your company website for a post that will have zero relevance to what your company sells or does.  #FeaturedImage

Step Four.  Invite their closest friends over to eat chicken nuggets, because you just bought about 100 chicken nuggets for your children.

We brought out the chicken nuggets in rounds, one at a time they gave their best efforts of describing what they did and didn’t like about them.  If we’re being honest here, there wasn’t much they didn’t like about any of them.  Every round of nuggets was the same feedback “I like all two of them,” “I like all three of them,” “I like all four of them,” and so on.  We actually attempted a “Rate this chicken nugget from 1 to 10” until the first 4 nuggets got 10s all around and we realized we weren’t going to be able to provide any solid data on the matter.

I can tell you the clear loser was Popeyes, which was also my personal choice for all things chicken.  They didn’t like the spices added to the nuggets, and felt like they were too spicy – even with ranch and ketchup dipping sauces to balance it out.

After a little bit of teeth pulling, as my post spoiler indicated – the winners were a tie between McDonalds and Checkers.  Two different kinds of chicken, and I was definitely surprised by the variety in their selection of best.  They were also able to guess the original of every chicken nugget based on taste, except for Checkers.  Big props to Burger King whom my children identified from smell alone as we were bringing the plate to the table.  That’s either really impressive, or very bad.


No one really cares what six children thought about the chicken nuggets.  Most people that reached out to us yesterday were just excited that we were randomly going out and buying every kind of chicken nugget to eat for dinner.

Life, as a parent or an adult, is lacking that sense of adventure that we used to have as children and teenagers.  The sad thing is, there was nothing genuinely special about this “Chicken Nugget Challenge.”  We went out and bought chicken nuggets.  Most places a package of chicken nuggets were below the $2.00 mark with the most expensive being around $3.00 for a larger box of them.  We probably spent around $25.00 total on the entire thing, not including the half dozen Popeyes biscuits I bought for myself and binged on when the kids were finally in bed.

The point is that adventure doesn’t need to be expensive.  And fun parenting doesn’t need to be hard.  My kids were talking about this Chicken Nugget challenge for a solid few days, waking up and talking about it.  Almost like it was Christmas again. They loved it, and I loved it – and now I know where to get them chicken nuggets from if I resign myself to having that for dinner.

This doesn’t just involve parents, but people too.  If you find yourself feeling like all you do is live.  You work, you sleep, you occasionally eat – find some adventure and document it or at least share it with others.  We’re going to be doing more of these, and hopefully someone read this and wants to read about more adventure.

Comment on the Facebook with what your next adventure is going to be, or maybe an idea for our next adventure at Hosnovan.  It won’t always revolve around children, it could be testing different flavors of rum or every flavor of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

Find happiness in your lives, friends.

With Love,

Louis Hoxter of The Hosnovan Co.