Changes to The Hosnovan Co. on Twitch.TV

We’re changing the way The Hosnovan Co. posts on Twitch.TV!

Recently we’ve made an effort to be more available and when we play video games we’ve been trying to go live – sometimes it’s simply just us playing Overwatch together, but Chris specifically has been doing some really awesome things lately.

That being said, we haven’t had the most efficient means of updating everyone and linking to our Twitch streams.  Posting on the site anytime one of us goes live, with an embed code just in general is pretty clunky and not very helpful.

We’ve also had to struggle with managing multiple Twitch accounts – what started off as a Hosnovan account, we then added individual member accounts, and what about when we’re all playing together??  Who gets to log in and who do we post about?!?   So awful.

Here’s how it will work now!

We have a single Twitch page, found in our menu above!  This hosts the individual member accounts embedded into a single place.  This way if everyone is playing Overwatch together, you can watch the game from multiple angles and really enjoy the experience!

As for the Hosnovan Twitch account, this is still active and now even better.  Instead of being used by one of us individually in the company, it will now host any one of us who is streaming on our individual accounts – so you have one account you can follow and catch the streams as they happen.  We made Chris the priority for this one, so you’ll see his before the rest of ours if we’re all on – this is because he actually does interesting things with his Twitch.

Hope this cleans things up and makes it a cooler experience!  We’ll be adding a couple more account feeds to the main page as we get them setup.  Let us know if you have any feedback, as always, with some comments on the Facebook!