HOCO Fitness: The Beginning

What happens when you start a company around the idea of drinking and eating chili cheese dip with friends?  Apparently you gain weight…  Fuck.

All jokes aside though, that’s just life, right?  Growing older, the weight sits a little differently, adds a little quicker, and bothers you in ways it never had before.  We’re all different shapes and sizes, and I’ve got all of the love and power to those who look at themselves in the mirror and are completely and entirely satisfied every day.  That’s awesome, and something we all aspire to.

But for the rest of us…  How hard is it to lose a little bit of that weight?  And I don’t mean the shit you see every day by people on social media advocating for companies selling protein shakes, expensive workout programs, and the promise of an amazing body with only requiring 2 hours a day at the gym.  Fuck that.

Don’t worry team, The Hosnovan Co. is on the case!  We’re going to lose that weight, while still drinking beer, eating pizza, and of course.. making chili cheese dip.   Or we’re at least going to try really hard to do so!


We’re going to be using our Fitbit Blazes to bring you all the information and data from our exercise and efforts, and also to track our own progress.  This is in no way a requirement, but I can’t tell you how important Fitbit has been to the changes in my life that I’ve made over the course of a couple of years  One of the benefits of using this for this journey, the heart rate monitor provides accurate calorie burn information, which is pretty helpful in knowing where we stand.

We’ll be doing a combination of being a little more active, and being a little more conscious of calorie intake.  We’ll do updates along the way of different things we’re doing, trying, etc but for now I’ll leave you all with some stats and information that puts our goals in perspective.

Our Personal Step Goal:  10,000 Steps
Average Calorie Burn on a 10,000 Step Day: 2,500
Average Steps Per Minute (Walking Speed): 100

1 lb of Weight in Calories: 3,500

Average Time to Walk a Mile: 20 Minutes
Average Calories Burned Walking a Mile: 75

Calories in a Bottle of Blue Moon: 171
Calories in a Small Fry from McDonalds: 230
Calories in a Venti Caramel Frappucino: 510


So what does all of that mean?  It means that we want to make sure we hit our step goal, because that gives us a good baseline for our calories burned.  That being said… There’s this misconception that working out hardcore will help you lose weight entirely.  It’s really a healthy combination that you can stick to is the real goal here. Too much working out, you’ll want to eat an entire pizza.  Too much dieting and you’ll just want to quit, or lay around and not do anything.  Balance is the true goal.

These are the things we don’t think about on a regular basis.  If our goal is to lose a lb a week, we need to eat 500 calories less per day than we burn (7 x 500 is 3,500 burned extra, which is a lb of weight loss).  Since our average burn is around 2,500 we need to only eat 2,000 calories a day to lose a lb of weight in a week.  It really is simple math, but the truth is that’s a hard number to reach if you have an excessive (and fattening) diet like I do.

If you start your morning drinking a Frappucino, for instance, you’ve already consumed 25% of what you can for the day JUST in your drink.  This is one of the main reasons I’ve come to really enjoy black coffee (and don’t get me wrong, I still love my iced lattes too).  If you wanted to burn off that Frappucino you would need to go for a two hour walk.  Holy Shit.  But here’s the really fucking cool thing, you can get the same weight loss of a two hour walk by simply saying no to a Frappucino. 

Of course, being extremely active and really getting your heart rate going will burn more calories in less time, but I’m also trying to take the lazy man approach to this whole thing.  We don’t all have the time or energy to go to the gym for hours on end.  We’ll be sharing some ideas along the way, but we want to be realistic… Because life is busy as shit, man.

So what’s next?

We’ll be coming up with individual profiles for Lou and Chris detailing where we are now with our weight, averages, our goals, and what specifically we’ll be doing to change the small parts of our lives without feeling like we need to be consumed by exercise, dieting, etc.  We’ll be weighing in at the same time every day and providing weekly updates on where we are.

We’ll be posting about our efforts as we make them  There are ways to get creative and to add to your regular life and still enjoy it while also getting a little healthier.  We’re going to find them, and make this whole healthy thing our bitch.

We’re probably going to try to sell you a thing or two along the way also.  I don’t mean selling you an expensive program for how to lose weight, and I don’t mean a bunch of expensive protein shakes that you need to buy every hour for the rest of your life.   We’ll make recommendations on things like our Fitbit Blazes that we love so much, and we’re also going to continue to push our shop and our sweet ass America shirts, because America… Fuck Yeah!   And to be fair, this website is run entirely without ads anywhere, except for our little links.  That feels fair.


Love you all.  Comment on our Facebook if you’re interested in joining us!  If you don’t have a Fitbit, that’s totally okay, you really can use an app to track your weight and activity, and just being aware of the amount of calories you consume in a day makes the world of a difference!