HOCO Fitness: Week Two Stats

Week two is in the books!  And oh, oh, oh how the mighty have fallen.

Louis’ Weekly Stats:

Average Steps: 13,218

Weekly Weight Loss: -.2 lbs

Total Weight Loss: 2.2 lbs

Things of Note: I had a work-event that consisted of drinking and eating so that didn’t help my goals any.  I  also stress ate like a mother fucker.  I knew I was going to gain the weight back that it thought I had lost.  All in all, my goal was set at losing 1 lb a week, so I’m still over that at the moment.

Goals for the Week: More water.  I still really suck at drinking water.  I also really suck at drinking Iced Lattes (they’re so fucking good, guh!).  I’m also planning on doing some treadmill video game workouts this week, as soon as I have some free time.   It’s going

Chris’ Weekly Stats:

Average Steps: 11,234

Weekly Weight Loss:  .6 lbs

Total Weight Loss:  3.1 lbs

Things of Note:

I either forgot to wear, or was charging my Fitbit a handful of times this week. Obviously my results went down after the week before, but thats alright. I went on vacation and ate very lavishly… I do NOT feel bad about any of it. I feel great. Tampa was fun, and the O’s took 2/3 games for a series win. My wife and I had a lot of fun and it gave me a good reset. I’ll be back at it tomorrow, probably down by like 20,000 steps on the count because my fitbit has been on the charger most of the day. Anyways, look at this burger I ate.

Goals for the Week:

Not on vacation this week, but there IS a fair right across the street from my house this weekend. I won’t be able to leave all weekend or else ill never have a parking spot again. SO, another weekend of crap eating probably, but lots of walking. If i get down to 151 even this week ill be happy. I’ve come to terms that the steps shown in the Fitbit don’t make the results happen. If i forget the band, or anything else its okay because I know if i worked hard. With that being said, i still entirely recommend it as it is a good way to track what you’re doing, your progress, and all that jazz. So yeah, drop .9 pounds this week!

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