Meet The Team

The Hosnovan Co., HOCO, is a Baltimore based company founded on the idea of ideas.  With no single goal, direction, or concept in mind – HOCO works with the freedom of never having an expectation to follow.  With interests ranging from board games, art, clothing design, alcohol, and about anything else you can imagine, HOCO’s greatest desire is to bring something to life that can be enjoyed by the founding fathers of the company, as well as anyone else that shares those interests.  This is only the beginning of what we believe will be big things.  Get to know us, chat with us, find us on Facebook (personally, or the company) and make us a part of your lives.  We’re going places, and we want you to come with us!

1185254_210547552446558_1589697867_nGreg Oveson

Director of Operations

Greg is a fearless leader.  With a vast experience ranging from hard labor to managing employees, Greg was the perfect choice to lead this ship of fools away from the rocks and into the sunset.  He’s a big softie, don’t let the hard exterior fool you.






DP250Damian Petterson









12957182_1129234773773443_516057627_nTom Snow

Director of Customer Relations

As the Director of Customer Relations, Chris likes to talk to people. Strike up a conversation with him. Tell him how much you also love Daisy Ridley, tell him what you ate for lunch, talk to him about your bobo’s. Just don’t talk shit about his Orioles.







10676165_10205126703355671_3769526132243447105_nLouis Hoxter

Director of Finance

Louis is a simple man with a fondness for beer, whiskey, billiards, football and golf.  Father to the spawns of satan, most of his spare time is spent playing Lego Star Wars and cleaning up toys that he’s never seen anyone actually ever playing with.  The title of Director of Finance is actually a farce as Louis does not know how to count.