The Best $5 a Month Subscription Service!


Let’s face it…  Up until now, you’ve likely never purchased anything from us.  We’ve run some Kickstarters, and we have a couple of shirts on Redbubble… But what have you, personally, gotten from us?  Nothing.

That changes today.  We’re happy to announce the $5 subscription package, which we’re running through Patreon.  Every month we’ll take that $5 and turn it into cool stuff like stickers, buttons, wrist bands, beer coozies, etc.  The things will be a mix of Hosnovan Co. branded things, but also random phrases, designs, etc.  We’ll also work with our local artist friends to get together custom art, comics, etc to have some awesome stuff to offer every month.

Hopefully $5 doesn’t seem like much.  If you hate whatever we send, you could always give it to a friend who might enjoy it.  That’s still less of a waste of money than when I buy three hearts of romaine lettuce because I’m finally going to go on that diet – only to eat an accumulated 400 bagel bites while the lettuce wilts in the bottom of my fridge.

Check it out, because it really will make the world of a difference in what we can do as a company!