The Brock, Poke, Scythers Kickstarter is Here!


The Kickstarter for our next game Brock, Poke, Scythers is here!  The 2-7 player card game that favors those who play with strategy. Similar to Rock Paper Scissors but with special cards/unique abilities, all set in the Pokémon Go universe!


We’ve got early bird pricing, plus loads of other cool rewards like our customized Pokemon cards!  We’ve got a Print and Play option for $5, and every single pledge (even $1!) will get 3x weatherproof stickers associated with the Pokémon Go team of their choice!

We’re really excited to bring this game to life for everyone.  If you want to help us achieve our goals, there are a few things you can do:

  1.  Share our campaign with your friends, or anyone who would be interested!  Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, whatever.   A share is completely free but exposes us to hundreds of people who may be interested.
  2.  Pledge ASAP, even $1 will help tremendously (Kickstarter ranks campaigns on their site by how popular it is on a daily average, so that $1 pledge is one more person we have that believe in us, and that puts us that much more ahead)
  3. Give us feedback, tell us what we can do differently or add to make this worth pledging to – we want to be successful, and the way to do that is to run a solid campaign that makes every person happy they pledged to it.

Simple as that!


Thanks for the love!