The Journey of a Startup Business – Episode 1

This will be a regular feature of the Hosnovan Co. website moving forward.   We want to be open with where we are and where we are hoping to go, as well as the steps we’re taking to get there.  Follow along, give us feedback, and if you are on your own journey to starting your own company find some hope in our successes and lessons in our failures! 

I think a great place to start is where we were a year ago, almost to the day.  Four gentlemen wanted to create a company – and that’s really all we knew.  We did not know the product, we did not know the audience, we did not know the way we were going to get there – but we had a very loose mission statement in mind.  We want to create products and services that make people happier.  Everything you read about starting a business recommends the exact opposite of this.    You start with a product or a particular skill set, and then you work on understanding the market, and then you build your team around producing that.

We are composed of a technician, a project manager, an engineer and an accounts payable manager.  We could start countless businesses off of those skills, and the knowledge within that core group of people.  But nothing that we could come up with really matched our goal of making people happier.  Our beginning to this company might be more confusing at times than others as we try to grasp at our next project or product, but we’re focused on a passion for quality of life and quality of service – and honestly, that will ultimately be more rewarding in the end.

We will not produce articles that are interrupted or bombarding you with ads.   Right now our only advertisements are posts or links to our own products.  We will not produce something we do not believe in.  We will not complete a sale with the idea that that is the end of the transaction.  We want to be here for you, and with you, for the first purchase, to the next one.  We want to know what we can do to improve ourselves, and what we have to offer.  We want you to join our family, and we want to build the next ideas around you!

Since the inception of the Hosnovan Co., we’ve worked on a couple of different projects that have really expanded our knowledge and understanding of what we’re doing.  We’ve kind of settled into the table top games market, for the moment, and we’re having a lot of fun with it.  We hesitate to call ourselves a game company, because we want to be so much more than that – but right now, as we work our way through, games are an exciting first step.

We’ve produced two complete prototype games so far – Bad Words and Brock Poke Scythers.  While both ran on Kickstarter, neither enjoyed the success of a completed campaign.  Most people would consider that a failure, and it could definitely be demotivating at times – but the truth is, for a new company, producing new products, and trying to build a following from the ground up… the attention and support that we did get was even more rewarding.  We have not given up on these game types, and I’ll elaborate more on Bad Words a little further down.    We’ve learned a lot about leveraging our resources, maximizing the cost efficiency of a project, and the importance of having a prototype in hand before ever launching a campaign raising money.

We also had success in a small run of Pokemon cards, where we produced custom cartoon drawings and shipped out those cards to the backers.  It was a small project, but the results were pretty awesome looking and the feedback we got was very encouraging.   We took the funds from that campaign and were able to officially and legally setup our business.

Along with these, we’ve also updated a couple of Hosnovan Co. designs on Redbubble, and we currently have a $5 pack on Patreon where we give our stickers, pins, and other random things every month to the people that support us.  These small things add up to helping us with the cost of running a website, and producing the prototypes that are a requirement for launching a product.

So what’s next for the Hosnovan Co.?  Right now we’re working on a couple of things that we’re going to be bringing out to you.  I’ll elaborate more on those in the next episode of this journey.  Stay tuned for more information regarding:

  • The Bad Words 2017 Launch
  • Hosnovan Co. Twitch Streams
  • New Redbubble Designs
  • Much More Frequent Posts on our Website
  • Website Updates with More Photos and Information
  • Working with Other Startup Businesses and Websites

Thanks for reading!  Comments always help us know that you’re out there reading and listening, especially if they’re insightful.  Let us know what your own personal enterprise is, and let’s figure out how we can help one another achieve our goals.

With love until next time

The Hosnovan Co.