The Journey of a Startup Business – Episode 3

“Next Steps”

[Welcome to another behind the scenes look at the Hosnovan Co.  Highlighting the process and progress of raising a business from the ground up and working our way toward something bigger.  Today we’re going over our next steps from the success of the Kickstarter Campaign to where we want to be]

There’s this danger of a hangover effect when it comes to running a Kickstarter campaign.  A lot of yourself goes into starting and running through a campaign.  Beyond the obvious things, you invest a lot of time into marketing, yourself and your product, and also trying to get it over the edge and further along.   The days after your campaign ends, you find yourself somewhat empty, and also kind of exhausted.

This morning when I checked my phone I didn’t have any new backer notifications.  Something I’ve come accustomed to since launch, seeing those emails come in during the day or waking up to them is similar to getting a like on a photo you just put up on social media, or getting laughter in response to a joke you told.  You find yourself seeking the next one, and wanting to take more photos or to learn more jokes.   But people can get exhausted too, especially when you are selling those jokes, so you can’t always get that satisfaction.

On top of all of that, though, there is a lot of work to go.   As a company now, we’re gathering the wagons and preparing our next steps.  We received so much more love on this than we were initially expecting.  We have additional expansion words to add (I’ll admit to a secret, while we were preparing it… we did not expect to sell more than a handful of our Deluxe editions…  over 70% of our pledges were on a reward including an expanded edition, that’s incredible!)

We’ve got to get all of our rewards filled out by our backers.  Right now we are waiting for 24 more responses to the survey.  We’re preparing the expansion, updated art files, quantities (how much stock do we want to have on hand for our web store), and more.  We expect to have everything 100% by the time the funds come through to our account, which is anticipated in another week and a half or so, depending on how quickly things are processed by Kickstarter.

Once all of the surveys are complete, we can begin to prepare the packaging, labeling, and preparations for the rewards.  Once delivery of the games happens (from date of order to our doorstep has been estimated at 2.5 weeks) we can box and begin shipping.  As a business, the logistics and cost of shipping is the hardest thing to anticipate, and certainly one of the biggest risks with calling our shipping free for US orders.  There’s the potential we could be made or broken as a company just on this step.  Everything else can be estimated ahead of a campaign down to the dollar but shipping can vary by $10 depending on location.  That’s a huge range.


We also are working up a storefront for our website.  We recognized we will want to sell beyond Kickstarter, and hoping that this initial surge can help us transition from 100% of our business coming from Kickstarter to a healthier mix of our own web sales and also Kickstarter (primarily for entirely new ideas).  We’ll release more information on this as it becomes available, but we wanted to provide a marketplace for not only our own branded apparel, but also random designs that may not necessary be related to Hosnovan Co, except that we thought it’d be fun enough to put on a shirt.   We’ll ultimately host physical copies of the game, and also digital downloads for the print and play options.  You can hopefully expect a lot of cool, fun, and random stuff being announced soon!  Some of which will be related to Bad Words, some of which will be unrelated to anything.


Thanks for reading as always.  We probably don’t have the most professional approach to our business, between admitting everything behind the scenes, to getting hammered on Facebook Live discussing anything and everything, to not even defining a single thing that we want to focus on because we want to be able to do it all… But we have a lot of fun and it’s worth it if everyone is enjoying themselves along with us!

PS!  We’re naming our Gallimimus finally.  Well… We’re hoping you can name him for us.   We posted on our Facebook looking for ideas of what he should be called (I guess it could be a she, we don’t know how to check for Gallimimum genitalia)  Hop on Facebook and let us know what you’re thinking it should be called if you get a chance!