The Journey of a Startup Business – Episode 4

“Next Steps”

[Welcome to another behind the scenes look at the Hosnovan Co.  Highlighting the process and progress of raising a business from the ground up and working our way toward something bigger.  Today we’re going over my personal struggle with generating ideas and the purpose they provide]

The basic rule of creating a product is that you start with a problem, and your product is the solution.  Bad Words came together because I couldn’t stop thinking that the answer to every single card in the game of Taboo was the word “Pocket Pussy.”  I was informed that, sorry, Pocket Pussy was not in the game.  That was the problem.  A game should be made that has that, and that was the solution.

But what happens when you’ve fully worked through that solution and to see it to completion, that problem no longer exists.  There are other things that can branch off of that – for instance, we can create expansions for the game, but that problem has been solved.  Naturally your next step as an aspiring business is to work through “What’s our next product going to be” and you start to come up with criteria “I want it to be original”, “I want it to be impactful”, and you find yourself working backwards from the proper process – find a problem, solve it.

On a personal level, I struggle to find the problems in daily life – outside of those that as a company we do not posses the skill set or funds to create solutions to.  The largest problem I face is a very broad one – purpose.

If I have my way, the next product (or one of the next) that Hosnovan releases will have a purpose.  I’ve started classifying purchases of mine in a very functional sense.  I ask the question “Will this item impact my day to day life, whether it makes it more positive, productive, easy, fun, etc.”

I’m going to drop a few of these examples below.

A nice Embrava water bottle and True Lime packets.  $28 has taken my normal life, and actually encouraged me to drink more water.  Shit, let’s be honest – I’m drinking water in general, which is something I never would do to begin with.  The lime stuff tastes like limeade and the bottle just feels badass in my hands.

Long charging cables for my phone.  Sounds dumb doesn’t it?  But I’ve got these fucking things everywhere in my house.  Having one by my bed, one in the living room, one in the bathroom, etc makes it so I can avoid that dread of that 20% battery bar.  

Speaking of charging cables, I also got a charging base for my Fitbit Blaze –  that thing has literally changed my life.  I’ve lost a ton of weight, I manage my exercise and health a lot better, and it makes it feel easier to do.  For someone who binges on things, like exercise and also Spicy Doritos, it’s nice to have something remind me, and to help pace myself throughout the day.

A new collection of 2+ player board games, specifically lately I’ve been into (and super frustrated at) Pandemic .  We’ve literally played this game more times than I can count and have beaten it once.  It’s a co-operative game, and it’s all about strategy and communication.  How has this changed my daily routine?  So much time is spent figuring out “What do you want to do” and it’s been an awesome go-to.  Expect Hosnovan to do a live stream of us playing – not because I think you need to see us playing it, but mainly because we’re going to anyways, so may as well do it online.  


I bring these up because I want that influence in my own life.  I want to have purpose in life, and for my own creations to also have purpose in life.  Bad Words is fantastic, and I am so excited to get it into the hands of those who have purchased it (and those yet to come), but it’s a situational product.  Gather friends, pour some drinks, play the game.  Our goal has always been to improve life, and I want to attack that on a routine level.  I want you to wake up, and be excited to consume or to utilize our products.  I want you to not only only look forward to what we’ve given you, but also to have access to it at 10:00PM on a Friday night with your friends, but also at 2:00AM when you’re all alone.

Should be easy, right?

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