Bad Words – Campaign Reflections and Changes

We started 2016 with an idea, and we’ll begin 2017 with the same idea.  Bad Words was a popular concept that we started working on last year (the first project our company produced.)  The idea had a lot right about it, it was fun, entertaining, but ultimately did not come to a complete product after a failed Kickstarter attempt.  We’ve used the last year to determine a couple of the reasons why we were unable to launch Bad Words in 2016, and also some things we’ll be doing differently in 2017 to overcome those failures.  Our first year together was a learning process, and that’s all we could have asked for.  Thank you for your support and encouragement along the way!

What Went Wrong:

  • No original prototype of the game during our first campaign
  • $12,000 is a lot of money to raise on Kickstarter for a startup company with no following
  • $25 for a party game released by an unproved company is a tough pill for anyone to swallow
  • A large packaged game creates high shipping/packing/handling costs which further inflate the cost of the game
  • Too many options on a campaign creates confusion, and no clear “best choice” for purchase
  • Believing the success of Taboo and Cards Against Humanity can combine for our own game to be successful on merit alone
  • Launching the projects too soon, before building interest in the product
  • Focusing too much on the project at hand and ignoring everything else
  • We did not have a video for our Kickstarter Campaign

How Our Next Launch Will be Different:

  • Our prototype is currently being worked on and will be ordered within this week.  We will have it, and any future product, in hand before we ever consider launching a project
  • Our goal is to keep this next Bad Words campaign to $1,000 funding goal.  Compared to the massive $12,000 from last year that is a much much easier number to achieve and plan around.
  • The newest version of this game will be selling for $15 on Kickstarter
  • Shipping to the US will be free!
  • We will be working on condensing our options for purchase to simple upgrade tiers.  No more campaigns will have 15 different options, for purchasing multiple copies, or additional options found in the campaign description to add more to your packages.  Simple.
  • Gameplay for Bad Words has been redesigned, ever so slightly, to create a more unique experience than before.  While the overall concept remains unchanged, the way the game is played will make for a quicker, easier, and more friendly to new players or smaller groups.
  • We will be continuing to post about updates to the game, where we are in our prototype process, and also sharing photos as we are working on these different things.  We want to get your feedback now, before the campaign goes live, to ensure that we are meeting the desires of those we’re looking to make happy.
  • Website content.  We fell into a very dangerous rhythm last year of only ever posting about our projects, and only when projects were active.  We want to give you reasons to visit our site, we want to give you something interesting to read – either about us, or about our projects, or even about music, movies, or anything else.  We will be making efforts to post more often for those who follow us to keep up on where we are.
  • We will be shooting an actual video for this next campaign.  We aren’t producers, or directors, by any stretch of the imagination – but we will work on providing a quality video that explains the game in detail without forcing anyone to read an entire book found within the Kickstarter Campaign.


There are the steps we’re taking on improving the actual campaign and chances for success of Bad Words.  We’ve got a long road ahead of us, and we’re excited that you’re still on this journey with us.  Tomorrow we will be releasing more information specifically about the changes coming to the game itself.  We’ve disabled comments on our website, to keep things clean, but please feel free to reach out on our Facebook or other social media with any feedback and information.